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Director | Writer | Cinematographer

Joao Cueto is an award winning Latino filmmaker born and raised in New York. 


During his child and teenage years Joao would create stories and draw characters inspired by the video games and anime he grew up watching. 


At the age of 14 he wrote, acted, directed, shot, and edited one his very first films. He adapted a story from one of his own comic books that he created.

He didn't think anything of it until he entered community college and discovered that people can take film classes in college. After the first day of film class, Joao fell in love with filmmaking and instantly decided to pursue it..

Because of his childhood inspirations, Joao has a wildly unique approach and distinct style when it comes to writing, directing, or being behind the camera.

His goal is to create art and tell stories that both excite and capture audiences to give them the same thrill he experienced while growing up with video games and anime. He also wants to create representation for  people of color in the sci-fi and fantasy genre in the film industry.

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